Apr 14, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Here is the beautiful Pottery Barn "Mia" wall sconce. They retail for about $69.00, EACH. I found these Shannon Crystals at Homesense for $3.00, on mega clearance - obviously no one wanted them because their purpose was very unclear - are they for decorating wine glasses? napkin rings? who knows.
These are yet again my $4.00 Thirft Store black wall candle sconces - painted white.
It took me a while....but I played around with the crystals and the clasps and was able to come up with a configuration that used all of the crystals equally between each sconce. A little sewing thread and a couple drops of hot glue helped out.
They will never actually hold taper candles, since one of them is a bit crooked - and because these are in my daughter's room....
The 3 vases were also a thrifty find at 0.99 cents each.
While my chandelier sconces don't even come close to the Pottery Barn "Mia's" , with break down of $3.50 each I don't mind having the homemade ones.

Apr 13, 2010

My Kids

My friend Angela's photography business has taken off over the last couple years and she was looking to try something different than her usual request for family photos. We had a play date one morning and she decided to experiment on the kids for something different. I love the photos she took and here they are in the kids' rooms. Photos courtesy of Angela : Elizabeth adores horses.
Mason sitting with his car. His vintage cars were supposed to be decoration but they are too fun to let them sit on his shelf.