Jun 7, 2010

Update Squish

I'm going to try and squish some of what we've been up to in one post. We've been so busy these days, I can't even remember half of what we've done. There has been no furniture painting of any kind lately - we've been too busy and having too much fun to devote any time to craftiness around here! Morgan hasn't complained about not seeing any paint brushes in his fridge lately.

The first most exciting piece of news is my sister gave birth to a perfect little baby boy named Benson a couple weeks ago. We all get to meet him in 2 weeks when we all head out to Victoria. I would include a picure of his perfection except that they are saved on Morg's phone. I am so excited to meet this chilled out little guy!

The second most exciting piece of news is that my 3.5 year old little girl is potty trained. After months of her refusing to go on the potty, she finally decided it was time. In spirit of celebration, we all put on our underwear and danced aroudn the house. Just kidding, only Mason did. For Easter (wow I haven't updated in a while) we got together with some good friends and their kids and did a pot luck/ easter egg hunt/ basketball game afternoon party at our church. Morgan would say it's never too early for our kids to start practicing ball.
Showing off our mad skills.
The kids after the egg hunt ( I guess these aren't in order)
Enjoying the delicious spread of food.
The kids waiting patiently to start the search.
Running like crazy trying to find treats.
My kids having a snuggle together. I'm not sure why this turned out sideways.
Morg pulled out all the stops for my birthday - we enjoyed dinner at the Keg. I hadn't been there since we lived in Ottawa. Mmmmm salmon.....
And dessert at the rotating Calgary tower restaurant.
The look out point. There were people around so we didn't get to make out. Just kidding.
This was much scarier than it looks!
The kids discovered a new fun way to eat lunch. Who needs chairs and a table?
What Mason looks like every morning after his favorite blueberry shake.
Elizabeth is old enough to ACTUALLY help out around the house now, instead of just pretending to, and therefore creating an even bigger mess for me to clean.
We went to the provincial park down the road for a little hike as a family one morning.
Hopefully next time we go the water will be warm enough to dip our feet in.
Morg and I have been looking for fun and different ways to work out. We went as a family to the Memorial Stairs and each took turns going up and down five times as the kids played in the grass at the bottom. We are pretty competitive with each other so it helps put a little extra jump in our step hahaha.
We've spent a lot of time at local parks. This night we met our friends Carrie and Tyler there and the girls tried to coordinate a dance number on the stage. It didn't last very long.
We still have a lot more to update but that'll be it for now. We just spent a wonderful couple of days in Lethbridge with the Kyle fam and I'll be waiting for Morg to download those pics off his camera for another future post. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and get to spend a lot of time with family and/or friends!