Jul 14, 2009

Summer Thus Far

So summer has been pretty busy for us thus far! We've done a bunch of things I can't even remember anymore. Since our camera battery was dead for a while and the charger was in the car and so the problem didn't get fixed for a while since I kept forgetting...so we've only got a few pictures of the summer so far (Morgan usually takes care us such things....and he's been working around the clock for a couple weeks it seems!). Here are some of them so far: This was a Sunday afternoon at our friends' Carrie and Tyler's house down the street. Morgan is trying to crack all of the kids' eggs: The kids trying to crack Morgan's egg:
The men: Josh, Tyler, Derek, and Grant. Oh and little Emerson too:
Some of the ladies - Valene and Carrie:
Arm wrestling competitions. Angela has her game face on - I don't. Angela whooped me. No surprise though....I've never won an arm wrestle in my life...excpet for with my whimpy sister.
And this one!!! The first ever arm wrestle I've ever won (other than Leigh). Sorry Carrie, but that says A LOT about your strength....
This was at Morg's work Stampede Breakfast. This picture shows off Mason's dimple chin, which could have been inhereted from both sides of the family. I think Mason looks like an old man in this picture - he was born looking like an old man!
The fam at Morg's Stampede Breakfast. That big bouncey castle was the greatest thing ever. There is an obstacle course for two people to race through. Elizabeth and I raced probably 20 times - we felt like American Gladiators.
This is typical Elizabeth at dinner time. She talks and plays and does everything but eat. We have a big painting of a Tuscan house above our table and every night she points out the house to me as a way of distraction from eating. At some point every night you will usually hear me say "YES Elizabeth, I see the house, that's nice, now get over it and eat. "
Here is Mason pictured on the same night. By the time I scoop out his meal on his tray and turn around for 30 seconds, it's all gone. He is going to eat us out of house and home I swear.
I'm kind of sad that we missed so many summer memories so far due to my lack of charging the camera battery. That's it for now. More to come.

Jul 1, 2009


Today while Mason was napping and Morg was at work, Elizabeth and I snuggled for a moment on the couch. She started giggling and looked up at me and said "Momma, I'm so happy". It was a nice moment.... And even nicer that she isn't old enough to realize that it's at times like this where she would be able to get me to say yes to anything.