Apr 25, 2011

Ashe Road Trip 2011

My sister and her family came to visit us spontaneously this month. Leigh had one month left of maternity leave and Kev didn't have any work in April since the election was called and he works on Parliament Hill, so they decided to hop in their car and drive out to Calgary - from Ottawa - with 2 kids under 3 - woohoo! We had the best time and made so many memories. It will forever be known as the Ashe Road Trip 2011. I will let the slew of pictures tell their own story! Grandma and Grandpa Chilvers outiftted all the kids for Easter!
Many of the pictures to follow were taken at the zoo, which we went to twice since it was so fun.
I absolutely loved hosting my whole family at my house - I've never had the chance to do that yet since we live so far away.
More pressies from Grandma and Grandpa
I love my sister!
McD's lunch!
Everyone together. xxoo
I have so many more things to post but I never seem to find the time to upload all the pictures I want to so I am trying to be better at updating. Much of my free time in the evenings this week is devoted to all the specials on the royals though - I am so excited for Friday's wedding!!!