Nov 10, 2009


testing testing 123.... please disregard, I've been experiencing technical difficulties with my blog....

Nov 5, 2009

Wreath Fetish

I love Christmas decorating - but I am particularily excited about Christmas wreaths this year! There are so many styles, shapes and colours and I love them all. My new project this year is to vamp up our front porch with Christmas warmth and what better way to start than with a big welcoming wreath on our front door. As I was looking online for inspiration, these were some of my favorites: This one would probably cover the whole front of our house, but it reminds me of the Ottawa Parliament buildings at Christmas time!: So white and fresh: I love that it just hangs in a window, though we have blinds everywhere so that may not work too well....
I love the square shape - a little of the unexpected!
Who says a wreath has to be big?
I like this black door as a backdrop:
As much as I like different looking wreaths, the traditional green wreath is still my favorite:
Don't you just want to go inside this house? It looks so warm an cozy.
I found a couple of things yesterday (including a new wreath!) for some great deals and am excited to put something together on our front porch asap. Of course I'll be able to start as soon as Morg helps me retrieve some of the old decorations packed away, which might take me a week or two to convince him to do.