Feb 27, 2009

Along the Way

We started off life as "the Kyles" in a very comfortable basement appartment on good old Brookridge Crescent. Morg's parents owned this house for many years and it's in the neighborhood (Fallingbrook....tear...) where Morgan and I grew up and met.
We enjoyed moving in, painting, and making our first home together. We have such fun memories in our first place I almost cry just thinking about it. It was one of the best times of my life!
We celebrated our first year anniversary and were eager to document the occation....
Morg's flowers he gave me: July 23rd 2005
Almost another year later, we decided we were ready to start a family and got pregnant right away. We were so excited and I was terrified at the same time. The phrase "no turning back now!" all of a sudden had a much heaftier meaning. This photo was taken at Pitrie Island in Ottawa, and I was about a month away from delivery and the only thing that fit me (comfortably) was overalls.
On November 17th, we gave my Dad a pretty cool birthday present - a baby girl named Elizabeth who was perfect.
Shortly after we moved to Calgary and bought a house.
And a car.
Celebrated our first Christmas in our first ever owned-home. We decided it was time to have another one, and got pregnant again.
This time around I felt much huger, and puffier, fatter, you name it. little did I know I was carrying a baby almost 2 pounds heavier this time.
Mason Smith Kyle was born August 23rd, 2008. He is such a cool addition to our family - a very easy going dude that gets along with everyone :)
Mason is 6 months now, Elizabeth 2 years and a bit, so this is where our blog begins.

A Quick Re-Cap:

Maybe it all began here (the romance blooms during High School (Grad) )....
Or maybe it was here....(who knew that grade 7 crushes would evolve into anything??)
And then we ended up here, married on July 23rd 2004.
Almost 5 years and two kids later, life only gets better.
We've decided to join the masses and create a family blog. We don't necessarily expect anyone to be particularily interested in our everyday lives and so the main purpse of our blog is to create some kind of family history for ourselves to look back on (since, let's face it, I will never be a good old fashioned journal writer). I've really enjoyed reading some friend's blogs and sometimes (even though new pictures on Facebook is a really nice way to get people's updates) reading the 1000 words is worth more than just the picture! We'll see how this goes!