Jan 20, 2011


Elizabeth modeling her new skirt - made by Mom. The pictures are kind of terrible again, we need to stop taking every picture on Morgan's iphone.....
Last fall I decided to learn some sewing. I really wanted to make Elizabeth some original summer skirts and dresses. I bought a nice second hand sewing machine and decided to show up to sewing class that was offered at church. I unfortunately was only able to attend the fisrt two lessons since the rest of the fall Morgan always seemed to work on sewing night. I was still able to learn how to make a basic little girl's skirt and I've been having so much fun making them. I already have a couple of orders to make some for my friend's little girls!
As much as I don't really enjoy these post-Christmas winter months, it really does seem to consistantly be the time of year that I get the most done, creatively. So for that reason, I can appreciate this hybernation time!
Here is Elizabeth modeling her new skirts. The BEST part about sewing for a little girl is how excited she gets when you make her a new skirt.
A small sample of my work!:
This one makes me laugh - it was her idea to put on dress-up glasses and try to look serious.


  1. Oh man, she is so cute! What a ham!

  2. oh my GOD you are so talented!!!! And to think you just learned how to wind a bobbin :) My favourite is definitely the one with the bird fabric with the brown border with pink polka dots. I LOVE that bird fabric (it's Michael Miller birds of norway) and have had my eye on it for a long time!!!! Oh and I also LOVE Elizabeth's poses, she is SO you as a child :)

  3. I love these photos, what a little cutie she is. GREAT JOB on those skirts! They looks awesome! I was just thinking today that the ones I made my girls last year are looking a little ratty and it is time for some new ones! Somehow I missed the December post, oops.

  4. so STINKING CUTE!!! she is so fun with her little glasses! Also, way cute skirts Sue! I am way impressed!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skirts Sue!!!
    We should get together sometime and make some :)